Jungle Fever, The 2013 Hot 100 Movie

Here's a selection of the best clips and pics from the Hot 100 surfers. This isn't in order, man, it's just as it is, and the clips are sweet, so why don't you just scroll across, then down and enjoy the ride, baby!



Creed McTaggart//

“You never know, maybe I will be winning world titles at 30, but in all honesty,
right now I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing…”
So says the hottest property in Australian junior surfing,
who hasn’t surfed a heat all year.
In fact, he hasn’t surfed a heat since round two of the TNS Rangiroa Pro Junior,
at the end of April last year.

This shouldn’t really surprise though,
as this is also a guy who has graced the cover of three different surf magazines
in the past few months and not been surfing on one of them.

In 2013, 19-year-old Creed McTaggart left the beaten path far behind
and set about blazing a trippy new trail for the up-and-coming Aussie shredder.

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Mitch Parkinson //

I’m not going to lie, there’s definitely a high
expectation of me. If anything though, it really
motivates me to make it on my own merit and get
to the top myself.

Travelling has got to be one of the best aspects
and biggest motivators for my surfing, for sure.
It’s got be one of the best feelings in surfing, going
somewhere, anywhere, and not knowing what to expect
and stumbling across perfect waves.

In 10 years from now I hope to be travelling the
world on the World Tour with my best mates. That’s
the ideal life for a surfer, well, it’s my image
of the ideal life.

















Jacob Willcox //

Surfing has been apart of my life since I was nine
and I have been hooked ever since. In my eyes a
perfect day of surfing is getting good waves
and going left (not right).

Watching people go hard and getting big barrels
inspires me. My friends and family mean the world
to me, because they’re always there if you want
someone to hang with. Success is what I thrive on.

I hate losing. Heights are my enemy and I’m a
pussy when it comes to that. Surfing plays a huge
part in my life because I’ve done it for so long
and without it I’d get pretty bored. I’m finishing
year 12 at the moment so it’s good to relax and surf



















Imogen Caldwell //

I live two hours away from any town on the far
north west coast of Western Australia, Red Bluff.
Only two other families live here permanently
and the rest are tourists who come and go.

Between surfing you’ll find me diving,
fishing, working on my families’ station or doing
home school. I’m 17-years-old and about to finish
year 12 and once I’m finished I hope to
experience everything that life has to offer!







Ellie-Jean Coffey//

Take a girl who grew up in a ritzy Northern Beaches (Sydney) home, put her and a fresh fibreglass stick, four younger siblings,
a pair of [newly found] vagabond parents in a roving caravan for two years…

What have you got? An exceedingly tanned, blessedly skilled, audacious lass of 18 years old, simply bubbling with surf stoke.

Oh yeah, and she’s hot. Like, leap naked from the shower because your skin’s about to sizzle. Scalding hot.

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